FYNE BEAUTY represents enhancing your natural beauty & embracing every part of yourself.
We strive to create products that help you build your confidence and fyne’d your real beauty within, developing cosmetics that are essential to everyone’s makeup routine, at affordable prices.

We are proud to say that with every launch, you can expect us to overdeliver on shade range, performance and packaging.

Launching our first product, the skin tint, in October 2022,
our founder and CEO LUKE WILLIAMS stepped into a saturated industry.
Therefore, it was important to him that we create and develop the best of the best,
always promising the most inclusive, high-end formulas.

The subsequent launch of the concealer helped build FYNE to the brand it is today
and allowed us demonstrate how easy it is for a small brand to be accessible for everyone.

Here at FYNE, “Every individual matters”